Without a Shadow of Doubt

Without A Shadow Of Doubt.

At the end of March 2015 Harry celebrated his Christening. He was just over a year old and the previous twelve months had been something of a journey. Harry was born at twenty-nine weeks and weighed 2lbs 4ozs. He was approximately a third underweight for his gestation after experiencing enormous difficulties inside the womb due to my placenta disintegrating and in addition to that I had developed pre-eclampsia. The future looked pretty bleak.

As far as I was aware my pregnancy was going smoothly. I had safely got through the IVF phase which was such a massive achievement and I was being classed as a ‘normal’ pregnancy. My local doctors’ surgery had a community midwife and I was happily following the usual pattern of appointments and scans. On one such appointment with my community midwife it became apparent that I had raised blood pressure. Nothing to be especially worried about but I had to return to the surgery three days later on the Friday tea time for another blood pressure reading to be taken by the practice nurse. This routine check proved to be the catalyst that would explode my world and ultimately set about changing my life forever.

‘Without A Shadow Of Doubt’ is an honest and heartfelt account of Harry’s journey, essentially Harry’s story experienced by me and witnessed through my eyes. It outlines with candour each separate and distinct phase of Harry’s journey from the IVF procedure through the maternity wards; birth; neonatal intensive care unit; and then the trials and tribulations that Harry and I endured once discharged from hospital, including how he has reaped the benefits of a heart operation and the rewards that unconditional love and belief can have on providing strength and recovery. I detail Harry’s medical conditions and clearly express how they presented themselves in Harry, explaining how each separate condition posed its own problems alongside the emotional strain and impact they had on me. There is drama and humour, gratitude and humility.

‘Without A Shadow Of Doubt’ provokes emotion in the reader and is hard hitting. My innermost feelings laid bare on the page with accounts that will sometimes make you laugh, sometimes smile and perhaps even cry. It accurately describes the tumultuous and often seemingly mountainous pathway we have both trodden. The book also tries to capture your heart and uplift your soul by showing through Harry that the human spirit is strong. It is the ultimate love story.

The book celebrates all that is good about our fantastic medical system and depicts the care and genuine compassion that the medical profession have towards their patients. It is an account of my darkest times and is intended to inspire other people to not lose hope. There is also poignant reflection about the fragility and uncertainty of life.

Harry’s arrival and pathway to recovery was unique in many ways, one nurse actually said, “It was a privilege to be part of Harry’s journey, and through his journey, I too was able to reflect and learn from the experiences shared with you. You have dedicated all your love and strength to Harry and you have survived everything that has been thrown at you”.

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Format : Paperback

Author : Emma Flatman

Genre : Story

Price : £12.99